Resolutions 2013

The thing about publicly announcing something and having them all saved up for future reference is that it’s all saved up for future reference. I made few resolutions last year on the exact same day, and though I have never really kept upto them in the past years like I am sure neither have the approximately 7 billion of you, I kinda tried this time. So, I guess that calls for evaluation.

1. Try to make an effort to keep my bed clean. Since it was about making an effort, totally nailed it. Changed the pillow, and dusted off and changed sheets more often than ever in the history of bed making in my room. Ok, so I did not change it every two weeks, but I occasionally cleaned the pile of stuff, and had the whole bed to myself.

2. Stop blasting my head off when my mum calls. Yeah, ummm, no. Did not go as planned. If anything I think I got crankier. Did not think that could have been possible. I am horrible child.

3. Stop watching Friends and start with Star Trek, Star Wars, Lost, Lord of the Rings (also read the novel), The Wonder Years, Boy Meets World, Seinfeld and all the other apparently awesome shows everybody gets so nostalgic about. I did stop watching Friends, and though I only started with Seinfeld from the aforementioned list but I checked out Gossip Girl, Game of Thrones, Girls but I watched hundreds of movies, literally. 170 of them. So definitely tried newer stuff.

4. Listen to The Doors, The Beatles, Metallica, Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd.. and the rest. And yes, I am thoroughly ashamed I haven’t done this yet. Nope, did not check them out. And in my defence, I think I like music better when I hear them out of the blue, you know like in the background of a movie or show, or playing in someone else’s playlist or in the background of some cafe, gets me in the mood better instead of sitting down and forcefully listening down someone’s discography to be in agreement with other folk’s view. Sure they are classics and considered great because well, they are, but then again, I would like to be a part of the generation I am, and listen to newer stuff. Today will be an era someday, and someone else will romanticise us, so better be a part of it now. And sure there is crappy music out there, but there’s good stuff too like Lorde, Eminem, Lana Del Rey, Adele, Macklemore, Imagine Dragons, and so many more. It’s all about whom you listen to.

5. Eat out more. Mission accomplished. Except I did not take pictures of the food to prove it.

6. Go out and hook up. I wouldn’t be a lady if I kiss and tell right? Nevermind that, I got some. Dang! I wanted to be lady! Anyway, while getting some, I figured, was it really worth running around if I have to run away the next morning, probably to never call again? But it did help me figure out what I want, and though it’s not all crystal clear, playing the field isn’t as much fun as I had in my mind.

7. Stop shopping for clothes. Striped myself down to the bare minimum, and you know what? It sucked. It sucked bananas. I shouldn’t have been surprised to come to this conclusion, but shopping makes me very, very happy. While buying the stuff, while carrying the bags of stuff back home, while trying them on, and while wearing them out, all of it makes me happy. Materialism makes for shallow people sure, but it makes for vanity, self confidence and a well put together, presentable person. And presentation matters. Never again am I giving up shopping. Ughhh, ‌I never felt uglier.

8. Travel. *Tears of disappointment rolls down*

9. Work my ass more. Debateable. Some areas, some time. Then my patience ran out.

10. Blog more. I fell through sometimes on it, but I worked it and wrote 42 posts. Obviously I can do better, and I will.

Ok, so not as well as I had imagined, but these are just resolutions, meant to be broken the next day. So that makes it a fair performance. Anyway, bring on 2014, 2013 has been crappy enough.


Aftermath of a movie night


Hold hands under the table when hanging out with friends.

Drink coffee in small little cafes and kiss.

Go to graveyard and make out.

Sit on the hoods of broken down cars at the middle of the night and look up at the sky. And kiss.

Get drunk and be silly.

Warmth in silence.

Dinner. Rain. Walk. Kiss.

Bike ride to nowhere.

My place. His tee. Our silly song.

Cuddle up in the couch in your undies and eat the leftover pizza.

Watch bad movies in theater and not watch the movie.

Fight. And know that it won’t break things up.

Play “Hey,there Delilah” on the guitar for her. And sing it too.

So that’s just a list of un-materialistic things I want in life.

Just finished watching “The Notebook” and seems like it has had a rather wistful effect on me or was that just Ryan Gosling? I knew he was H-O-T from “Crazy, Stupid, Love”, but, oh! he’s so thoughtful and dreamy and passionate and fire-in-my-loins gorgeous! Now that’s what a lady wants from the Santa.