Guest Post: The Butterfly

She is like a butterfly,
A butterfly that sings,
Who came out of her cocoon,
And spread her lovely wings,
In the shadow of her lovely lady wings,
Is where I saw the beauty of little things.

Her flight is simple and yet it is divine,
And it’s in her eyes where I see the love flow like rhine.
It’s her little dance that makes one ponder
And makes thoughtful men wonder.
It’s not flowers where she sits,
It’s the dreams of many lads which every night she visits.

She needs to be treated gently,
As she is too delicate,
While expressing one’s love for her,
one fails to be eloquent.
Her absence is malady,
Her presence is remedy

She doesn’t live on nectar,
It’s love that she craves.
Not lives does she rescue,
Its souls that she saves.
I don’t know why they call it a butterfly,
While she actually flutters by….

This post is written by Isan Basu. Biker, movie buff, rock fan, happy go lucky, loves acting etc etc.
Artwork courtesy: Cheyenne Illustration


Oh Well.

I won’t lie, I expected it all to work out.

I really thought the bad guy would be it.
I was the classic good chick. He was the classic man-whore.
Turns out, he had his eyes on the other classic good chick.

I really thought that the good guy would do it.
I took one out of the zone. Pushed him to it.
He complied. He complied with everything.
I got bored.

I made up my mind, the older the better.
They mature with age, don’t they? Like wine. I liked them wines.
He was the perfect wine, made me the right amount of tipsy.
I blabbered. He told me I wasn’t old enough to hold my wines.

I thought the funny one would be fun.
He laughed it off.
Oh well, I was kidding too, you know.

I couldn’t make up my mind about the younger one.
His perfect face convinced me.
But my age and wisdom didn’t make me more secure.
Or worldly enough for him. Medieval worldly.

I tried to drown my sorrow with the tortured one.
But sorry boy, I’m not that down in the dumps.

Oh well.
I made my mistakes.

Prose, not a Poem

Stare at the painting. Listen to the music. Watch this movie. Hear that story.
Move yourself to tears.
Soften yourself to passion.
Get inspired. Get motivated. Acknowledge your inner flame. Fuel the fire within. Let that engulf you.
Dance to your inner music. Follow your rhythm.
Strive. Fight. Make the run.
See yourself grabbing at your dreams.
Then see it slipping away. Fleeting.
Smirk. Shrug it off. Run faster.
Sacrifice. Sacrifice. Sacrifice for the greater good.
You stand alone.
Take in the pain. Revel in it. Enjoy it till you are numb.
Cleanse your soul
Continue with the beat in your head.
Don’t look at the sidelines.
They laugh with their masquerades on. Slaves to their own monsters and nightmares.
Let them continue living their false lives.
You cannot be weighed down by the condescending talks. Let it brush you past.
Overcome the obstacles. Take the higher road.
Fall. Rise. Fall again. Fall a million times. Rise a million times. Rise again.
The goal is in sight again.
It is a second away.
Will you let it slip?
Photograph courtesy : Sarah Lee