11 Things to Do Instead of Working for Your Finals

because your procrastination needs an activity.

1. Make spit bubble.
2. Develop a new found interest in hygiene – clip your nails, clean your ears, douse yourself with liquid soap.
3. Imagine you are in a movie. Play your jam and walk in slo-mo.
4. Do the Spongebob Squarepants song.
5. Air guitar.
6. There’s always the classic for the uninspired – binge watch your favorite shows. Or porn.
7. Hatch a plan for world domination.
8. Obsess over your crush or ex. Stalk them, gather intel and strike at the precise moment.
9. Try to find who you are, you know, who you really are from the inside – through Buzzfeed quizzes. Then find yourself in the underbelly of Buzzfeed.
10. Make yourself believe that you are a bear. And this is the hibernating period.
11. Make your very own list of things to do to avoid work. At all cost.