Guest Post: The Butterfly

She is like a butterfly,
A butterfly that sings,
Who came out of her cocoon,
And spread her lovely wings,
In the shadow of her lovely lady wings,
Is where I saw the beauty of little things.

Her flight is simple and yet it is divine,
And it’s in her eyes where I see the love flow like rhine.
It’s her little dance that makes one ponder
And makes thoughtful men wonder.
It’s not flowers where she sits,
It’s the dreams of many lads which every night she visits.

She needs to be treated gently,
As she is too delicate,
While expressing one’s love for her,
one fails to be eloquent.
Her absence is malady,
Her presence is remedy

She doesn’t live on nectar,
It’s love that she craves.
Not lives does she rescue,
Its souls that she saves.
I don’t know why they call it a butterfly,
While she actually flutters by….

This post is written by Isan Basu. Biker, movie buff, rock fan, happy go lucky, loves acting etc etc.
Artwork courtesy: Cheyenne Illustration


I’m Back, Bitches

This blog is officially 2 years old! My baby is 2!!

And had it been a real baby, it would have died. Because its diaper wouldn’t have been changed, it wouldn’t have been fed, bathed or burped for a month. But I needed to take a month off from writing anything to put few things into perspective. I don’t know how I come up with these things, how the fuck is not writing going to put things in perspective? I suppose the reason I gave myself was that there are too many things in my plate with having falling out with friends, a part-time job of which I was fired for giving in crappy work, investing too much of my mind thinking about non-existent problems and convincing that there was one. Also, way too much college work. And for the first time, I really want to work. But then I missed writing and made up post title in my head and never wrote them out, so eventually losing all of those ideas.

So, on the occasion of this blog going two, I think I should share my wisdom with you. Because I got some wisdom in me. Which needs sharing.

  1. Carry a notebook and a pen. Make it pretty, which will urge you to carry it around and thrust it infront of your friend’s face like “I got a cute notebook.” This is important because then you can write down all of your brilliant thoughts that inevitably cross your mind when you are in class, when you are pooping, when you are half-asleep at 3:39 A.M.
  2. Force yourself to write down your amazing thought at 3:39 A.M. when you are half asleep.
  3. Listen to good music, watch a lot of movies and read. Do all of them and don’t constrict yourself to timelines. Old, new, see them all. This makes you a culturally more learned person by telling you new stories. And you learn to accept different point of views and know your own voice when you react to them. For example, I know had I been a killer I would be a merciless one someday because I was fascinated by American Psycho and Game of Thrones’ bloodbath.
    It will also help you make a lot of pop culture reference and keep you relatable.
  4. Don’t get sucked in while doing the above and constrict your physical presence in this world. Make plans with your friends, go out and explore the world you live. Sure, you may not be living say in New York or Paris, but find the special thing in the town you live.
  5. Hanging out with other people also gives you a chance to know someone else’s story, which as a wannabe writer I find very helpful. Most of my fictional attempts have been about other’s experience through my own imagination. It also helps you get better in communicating your thoughts and makes you wittier.
  6. Don’t hide away your talents. Maybe you initially fear that people might think that you suck at your first try, but you know what, people don’t really care. People have their own shit to do to care about you, that’s the truth. So, you don’t have anything to lose. Hence, attempt away my friend.
  7. Write a lot. Write a journal, write about mundane things. Talent is like a sword which you can use to do really cool moves once you master it. And to master it you need to practice a lot. Don’t let the sword rust and keep the pointy end pointy.
  8. This is more of a life lesson, but when you spot a frenemy in your life who inexplicably brings you down, makes you feel small randomly, gives you back-hand compliments and somehow just sort of sucks away your joy little by little till you notice. Cut them off.
    And when find yourself liking someone, romantically or unromantically, tell them how much you just love all of their awesomeness. Compliment them and mean it. Let them know you complete them
  1. Lists are stupid and overdone. Don’t do them.

I’m Feelin’ Like Some Wishin’

Did you know that dancing like crazy, even if you are actually alone, to some dope mix pumps a lot of blood to your brain? I can feel that because my face is throbbing! Who knew that! And since I am in the best mood – my blood’s pumping, my face is throbbing and I’ve got some real nice track laid down, I’ll write down a wish list! *And take little dance breaks in between!* Here it goes now, in no particular order:

– To get real wasted, super high – the happy kind, and dance like crazy like I just did now, but you know with people around. And this is a weird choice to top a wish list, I know that. But I have never gotten like really, really high. Mostly because I don’t like alcohol, unless I’m shooting ’em. And also I’m super conscious of myself. All the time. So yep, I really wanna loosen up and get down and dirty!

– To watch all the movies in the AFI 100 and IMdB 250 list. All of them. So far I have only watched 18 from the AFI list and 64 from IMdB. Which is pretty measly. So, yep, I wish to watch all the movies. And, btw, these lists are great, they have the best of movies in them and I haven’t yet watched a movie off the list and been disappointed. So you could give this a try!

– Have lots a pillows. More than what I need. Just a buttload of pillows.

– I’d like to have an apartment with a library and a hammock and a secret room. Which is totally do-able btw. 43 Insanely Cool Remodeling Ideas For Your Home – So I have always had a 2 a.m. friend. A 2 a.m. friend, btw, is a friend whom you can call/text/message at 2 a.m. or till 2 a.m. and beyond and you have really good conversation, with no “ummmm, what else?” moment in between. I have always had one – in school, in my first year of college, in fact, till few weeks back, I still had one. But well, falling out. You can’t really help that. So yeah, now I don’t have one. And I’d really like one. Because now it’s just me sitting infront of my laptop till 2 a.m. and being creepy. Not good.

– A bathtub. No idea why most Indians don’t have this. This is the best thing about a bathroom.

– Learn to Salsa. Salsa is sexy, don’t you think Salsa is sexy? I think Salsa is just wonderfully sexy!

– Go to Darjeeling. This December. With my gang. I have a gang!

– Stop being the side-kick in my own movie. Ever felt like in your own head, you aren’t the leading lady of the movie that is your life? I feel that a LOT. I’d like to not feel it. I’ve got to work on some shit here.

– Get a Tough Girl Leather Jacket. Faux. I can feel tough without killing a cow. So that.

– Ok, this is one is for the road. So when I am like 60, if I stay alive till then that is, I’d like to have like all white-hair. Snow white hair. Like Dumbledore’s beard. White hair is just so regal and elegant. Like Dumbledore’s beard.

– To get called “Kid.” Yep, it’s a Casablanca thing.

– Eat Cotton Candy flavoured Ice-Cream. And I have a feeling this might just come true. Tomorrow!

And that’s it. My concise detailed list of wishes. Till next time, I’m stayin’ alive and you stay fancy! *wink*

*Irrelevant, but extremely cute baby pic, just for you*

Photo Courtesy: Picture of the cool secret room – Joshua Lawrence Studios INC Picture of the extremely cute baby – Brandon Stanton, Human of New York

One of Those No Good, Very Bad Days

It was a fine day. And even if it wasn’t, it would be, when I would use all the money I made last month, freelancing as much as I could, to buy clothes! And shoes! And stuff. Okay fine, I didn’t have that much but I could very well treat myself to a little shopping. All in all, it was going to be a good day. I wore my cute shorts and paired it with my cute top and even though I needed my bigger back-pack, I still got the cute one that co-ordinated with everything so well. You should always look good when you want to treat yourself, that’s my #3 rule. And I had the cash tucked away safely into the little pockets you have in your wallet for credit cards. I was equipped for my mission!

All was well, and my class ended pretty early. Either that or I didn’t attend the last class, who remembers? I was on my way home to drop a few bulky assignments at my room. Then off to shopping. I got on the auto- rickshaw, and my phone rings. It’s from Flipkart! Yipee! My book order came through! Now I have books to read and new stuff to wear! I swear I don’t need anything else, not even a hunky and adorable guy who just gets me!

But when things seemed to take a turn for the awesome, my spidey sense triggered off. I am missing something, I am sure I am missing something. I ruffle through my bag, and as I would have it, I am missing my wallet – which had my voter ID card, my ATM card and the entire cash I was going to spend. And I don’t even have change to pay off the rickshaw guy. Panic! I get down at the nearest stop and let the guy know – dude, no monies. He looks at me weird, obviously, and drives off while I am sitting on the pavement fervently looking through my bag. Maybe the purse is playing peek-a-boo. Maybe.

Which wasn’t the case. So I pick up my stuff, and walk back to college. As fast as I can. If I lose my ATM card, that’s it. I’m dead. My dad wouldn’t stand for this new bullshit. And what about the Voter ID card? That’s another hassle. Without that no one’s gonna believe I’m 21 next year. Bye bye bar entry. I had noticed it was drizzling, but I was too flustered to stop. Water from Sky, you can’t stop me today!

Guess the Water from Sky took it as a challenge, so even though it was sunny as fuck, it started pouring and I hadn’t even made it halfway. I take shelter at a hospital that comes on the way. I figure this may take a while, and I keep getting more nervous. My common sense kicked in, and I decided to call a friend to look out for my wallet and keep it safely with him till I reach… “You have insufficient balance to make a call. Please recharge your balance to make this call.” FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!

This is surreal. This is not happening. I look around, maybe someone will lent their phone. But I couldn’t muster the courage to ask a stranger for their phone and just kept nervously ticking and cursing everyone since the dawn of time.

Twenty minutes or so, the rain slowed down to a drizzle and I walked as fast as I could. After a good ten to fifteen minutes later, my leg smeared in mud and my cute shorts stained, my cute top wet with rain and sweat, I reach my college. I run to my class and heave a sigh of relief when I see my filthy lime green and pink tribal printed wallet lying quietly on the table. I jump around a little.

Run down the stairs and get the next auto-rickshaw. I am happy again! Things will be good again.

Soon enough, I reach my stop. I take my wallet. Open it. Take out the change, hand it to the guy. Stop in my tracks… Reopen my wallet… Check it… Check it once again… Check it thrice… I had the voter ID card, the ATM card, 80 bucks in loose change. But it was missing… Someone stole my freelance money.

P.S. My order got screwed up, so I didn’t have the books either.

Today Was NOT A Fairytale

Lol haha funny pics / pictures / President Snow / Hunger Games Humor / Catching Fire / School / Couples / SO TRUE!!

So one time I saw this guy I had a fling with. He was with another girl, allegedly his new girlfriend. It shouldn’t have been a big deal, considering I was the one who blew him off. But it still mattered. Mattered enough to bulldoze my heart out flat. Maybe because I suddenly realized the things I lost out on when I turned my back on the aforementioned guy. But I am extremely certain it was because they looked really happy. And I am not. And if there’s anything I hate more than not being happy is having to look at happy couples.

They are the worst, oblivious to the world and just glowing with happiness in their bubble of champagne and liquid chocolate, trying to validate each others existence through co-dependence. Or something. And it’s obviously worse, if you are just standing there thinking you could have been in that bubble. But no. He was just too boring for you, you interesting unicorn. 

But its okay. Its alright. Maybe one of these days it may just happen for you. Although reality would contradict that. You obviously don’t have your shit together. You still think what random strangers think about your physical appearance triumphs over what your near and dear ones think about the real person inside you. You hold grudges and you are superficial. You strive to find that mythical perfection in others when neither do you give someone time to get comfortable with you or are the so called epitome of perfection yourself. You still don’t respect yourself enough for you to cut out people who don’t respect you.

You need to take yourself seriously. You need to stop being so deprecating of yourself and try to become the mature, level-headed individual you want to be with. And moreover, you’ve got to stop looking for it, because you are only going to look in all the wrong corners and kiss frogs who are going to turn into princes for others and not you. But mostly, you have stopped loving yourself which needs to be stopped.

At The Crossroads

When I was 13 years old, I made my mum buy me a guitar. I learnt to play it for four years. And then I stopped. I realized it didn’t come naturally to me at all.

Things like music, art, they should flow naturally in your fingers or you are not meant for it. I still have my guitar in my old room. It serves me as a reminder that I take stupid decisions on whims and fancies. A lesson I can’t afford to forget even for a second. But I continue to make decisions, mostly the crucial ones, on whims. The results have been so far… interesting.

I have been reaching all over the place to touch my nose, being adamant and taking the roads with dead ends and searching for oasis in the middle of a desert, and being constantly fooled by the mirage. But what’s life without some trial and errors? A lot easier, I suppose.

But at the end of that day, I take responsibility for the failure of my decisions on myself. I wasn’t influenced by anyone, because the last time that happened, it didn’t turn out any better either. So the lesson here, no matter which road you take, the one less traveled or the other well-mapped one, there’s no telling if it will deliver you to your destiny safely and soundly. Potholes may crop up at will. The foresight to see the bump ahead in the road is no less a superpower than the telekinetic ones.

But the twist in the story lays right after you’ve had your bump. The cards are all on the table and you know you have the wrong ones. There’s no way out of this one. What do you do?

Do you take your losses in your stride and go back…. or do you gamble once again?

And who’s to tell, which of the choices would be the greater gamble?