I am Too Busy For This Blog

Don’t you hate it when a blogger isn’t regular? No? Cool.

So I have my finals in the next week and I am swamped. And like always, I have not one iota of will to actually work. There’s something about a deadline approaching that just gets my brain to shut its store and walk away in the sunset. And then there is procrastination. You know I want to sleep 12 hours a day and re-watch Friends when exams are just a week away.You just know it. I don’t have much to say on this weekend other than, “OH! GOD! NOT THE EXAMS!!!!” so I just thought I’d show you guys some of my previous illustration work.

This was one of my early works when I clearly did not know that shoulders ain’t supposed to be that big and also I was really digging dominatrix wears.

This one was for an assignment where one had to take up one of the ancient civilization and derive inspiration. I took Egyptian folks.

I am really proud of this because of the way the face and the hair turned out. This was for an assignment for which I took inspiration from the Art Deco movement.

I like this one because I could wear all the clothes I designed in this one. I really could.

And these are my zombie kids!

So. Yep. That’s all. Have a good week ahead!


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