Age is Just a Number of Candles on the Cake

It all started with the Queen in Snow White failing to grasp that aging is inevitable, you can’t go on a killing spree of teenage girls to call yourself the most beautiful. I believe it was her mid-life crisis that drove her to become a distributor of poisoned apples. The fear of growing old – everybody goes through it, and the Mad Men of the world take advantage of this very fact. They shove more fear down our throats and we in turn, give them all our money trying in all our might to try to stop something that is inevitable.

But why fear it? But more than fearing, why make it a taboo? Why consider crow’s feet or wrinkles or your sagging body the end of the universe? These are the marks that tell the world you have lived and seen this world a little longer – and that is exactly what we have come here for. Where is the shame in it?

I want to grow old. And I want to have white hair and wrinkles and laugh lines and I want to be hunched back and poke kids on the road with my walking stick. And I most certainly don’t want to be in my twenties my whole life. I also want to rub my experience over others and demand respect just because I am older than everyone else.

Everlasting youth is a fable that is being told to us day in and day out, and somewhere there, we are buying into it a little by little. But anything that overstays its welcome stops being fun. Edward Cullen did not get that shovel face because everlasting youth was treating him well, consider that. And if we start considering everlasting youth and immortality in all its seriousness, it will just mean scrolling down more of your newsfeed and more Nicki Minaj videos. Because be serious, what do we actually do with our non-arthritis stricken limbs and non-Alzheimer ridden brain? And is this what humanity needs?

Old age will mean that I will turn weak, fragile and wretchedly ugly, but then again, I came in as weak, fragile and wretchedly ugly. Might as well go in my natural state.

Photograph courtesy: Anastasia Pottinger


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