I’m Feelin’ Like Some Wishin’

Did you know that dancing like crazy, even if you are actually alone, to some dope mix pumps a lot of blood to your brain? I can feel that because my face is throbbing! Who knew that! And since I am in the best mood – my blood’s pumping, my face is throbbing and I’ve got some real nice track laid down, I’ll write down a wish list! *And take little dance breaks in between!* Here it goes now, in no particular order:

– To get real wasted, super high – the happy kind, and dance like crazy like I just did now, but you know with people around. And this is a weird choice to top a wish list, I know that. But I have never gotten like really, really high. Mostly because I don’t like alcohol, unless I’m shooting ’em. And also I’m super conscious of myself. All the time. So yep, I really wanna loosen up and get down and dirty!

– To watch all the movies in the AFI 100 and IMdB 250 list. All of them. So far I have only watched 18 from the AFI list and 64 from IMdB. Which is pretty measly. So, yep, I wish to watch all the movies. And, btw, these lists are great, they have the best of movies in them and I haven’t yet watched a movie off the list and been disappointed. So you could give this a try!

– Have lots a pillows. More than what I need. Just a buttload of pillows.

– I’d like to have an apartment with a library and a hammock and a secret room. Which is totally do-able btw. 43 Insanely Cool Remodeling Ideas For Your Home – So I have always had a 2 a.m. friend. A 2 a.m. friend, btw, is a friend whom you can call/text/message at 2 a.m. or till 2 a.m. and beyond and you have really good conversation, with no “ummmm, what else?” moment in between. I have always had one – in school, in my first year of college, in fact, till few weeks back, I still had one. But well, falling out. You can’t really help that. So yeah, now I don’t have one. And I’d really like one. Because now it’s just me sitting infront of my laptop till 2 a.m. and being creepy. Not good.

– A bathtub. No idea why most Indians don’t have this. This is the best thing about a bathroom.

– Learn to Salsa. Salsa is sexy, don’t you think Salsa is sexy? I think Salsa is just wonderfully sexy!

– Go to Darjeeling. This December. With my gang. I have a gang!

– Stop being the side-kick in my own movie. Ever felt like in your own head, you aren’t the leading lady of the movie that is your life? I feel that a LOT. I’d like to not feel it. I’ve got to work on some shit here.

– Get a Tough Girl Leather Jacket. Faux. I can feel tough without killing a cow. So that.

– Ok, this is one is for the road. So when I am like 60, if I stay alive till then that is, I’d like to have like all white-hair. Snow white hair. Like Dumbledore’s beard. White hair is just so regal and elegant. Like Dumbledore’s beard.

– To get called “Kid.” Yep, it’s a Casablanca thing.

– Eat Cotton Candy flavoured Ice-Cream. And I have a feeling this might just come true. Tomorrow!

And that’s it. My concise detailed list of wishes. Till next time, I’m stayin’ alive and you stay fancy! *wink*

*Irrelevant, but extremely cute baby pic, just for you*

Photo Courtesy: Picture of the cool secret room – Joshua Lawrence Studios INC Picture of the extremely cute baby – Brandon Stanton, Human of New York


2 thoughts on “I’m Feelin’ Like Some Wishin’

  1. Honestly I am not a person who like to listen to someone’s bullshit but It is your English words that I like to read again and again. Thank you for ranting-out and sharing. I am sure you have got lots to rave about too


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