At The Crossroads

When I was 13 years old, I made my mum buy me a guitar. I learnt to play it for four years. And then I stopped. I realized it didn’t come naturally to me at all.

Things like music, art, they should flow naturally in your fingers or you are not meant for it. I still have my guitar in my old room. It serves me as a reminder that I take stupid decisions on whims and fancies. A lesson I can’t afford to forget even for a second. But I continue to make decisions, mostly the crucial ones, on whims. The results have been so far… interesting.

I have been reaching all over the place to touch my nose, being adamant and taking the roads with dead ends and searching for oasis in the middle of a desert, and being constantly fooled by the mirage. But what’s life without some trial and errors? A lot easier, I suppose.

But at the end of that day, I take responsibility for the failure of my decisions on myself. I wasn’t influenced by anyone, because the last time that happened, it didn’t turn out any better either. So the lesson here, no matter which road you take, the one less traveled or the other well-mapped one, there’s no telling if it will deliver you to your destiny safely and soundly. Potholes may crop up at will. The foresight to see the bump ahead in the road is no less a superpower than the telekinetic ones.

But the twist in the story lays right after you’ve had your bump. The cards are all on the table and you know you have the wrong ones. There’s no way out of this one. What do you do?

Do you take your losses in your stride and go back…. or do you gamble once again?

And who’s to tell, which of the choices would be the greater gamble?


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