You shouldn’t have done that.
I asked you, I specifically mentioned it and asked you to not do it.
It hurt me. It hurt me immensely.
I told you it would hurt me.
You assured me you cared about me.
Then why did you go out of your way to do exactly what I asked you not to do?
You even went to the place I was planning to go to.
How did you know about it?
I didn’t mention it to you. Guess, you just happen to know my favourite place. You know me so well.
Sad, I had to burn it to the ground last night.
Don’t look at me like that. I am not going to share everything I have with you.
Not now anymore. You have been stealing a lot lately.
Just last week, I saw you fiddling with my dress. You know, the backless black one in velvet. Of course you know, I saw your eyes looking at it. I had to cut through it.
Why do you do it?
You know I love you, and I hate to do this –
Sorry, I shouldn’t have shouted.
Sorry I broke your leg.
But, you see, try to see it through my eyes. STOP WHIMPERING. I am going through pain here too. Right?
It hurts me too.
Is it so wrong of me to make you feel my pain?
I’m calm.
I’m calm.
You had this coming. You shouldn’t have moved.
Wait, I’ll bring something to clean up that blood and some ice for your eyes. Ice. Eyes. They sound the same. Ha!

Just, listen alright. How hard is it for you to just sit, and listen?
Why are you trying to cut through the ropes? They’ll cut through you. It won’t be a pretty sight.
I digress.
Yeah, so I was telling you about how it is important for you to feel the pain that I am going through, that was my point.
If you want to take away everything I have, if you want to steal everything I want, why shouldn’t we share in my pain too?
You inflicted pain to my heart. And that’s a biggie, alright? Your broken bones will heal, but what about my feelings and my trust, you can’t go to the doc and fix it.
Okay, now stop crying okay?
I won’t hit you.
I promise.
Haha. Stings right. Having a promise broken.
Anyway, I think I’ll be over it. I mean, I was really mad, you know – I mean, you should, YOU MADE ME MAD YOU LYING WHORE.
Stop scampering, you disgust me.
So anyway, I think I’ll get over him. I mean, I have to now. He is inside out, if you know what I mean.
No? You don’t?
Oh well, it’ll take me an hour or so, but I can demonstrate.
Let me just go grab my toolbox, right?


4 thoughts on “Revenge

  1. Ok.. Less of violence this one has compared to the ones before.

    Man.. I’ll remember not to get on your bad side 😛
    I like this one!


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