The Comeback

The thing with not practicing something regularly is that you start procrastinating it furthermore, till you have to mentally kick yourself to get your shit together. So it has been awhile since I posted anything – it started out with me not having internet connection at home as an excuse to post anything and later went on to just not doing it, and delaying it further and further. But, here I am. And I’ll fill you in with all that happened in the last few weeks.

So, I was doing my 2 month summer internship in this company in Mumbai. Which was crap. Jobs, amirite? Also like all stereotypical bosses, my boss was an asshole, so I spent majority of my time in Mumbai sulking and feeling bad mostly. And Mumbai, man, it was something. My relationship with the city started out as this crush, you know the crushes where you just fall in love with the idea of something without having any sense of the reality or the truth. You love them just because. You are so sure that it is meant to be and you will spend the rest of your life with them. That’s I guess how I saw Mumbai, in retrospect. Like something that will elevate everything in my life, make everything just better, and make me happy. I had more expectation than luggage. So obviously, reality check sucked me in and it sucked for me. But then, like novelty, the sucky phase wore off too. And standing at the Band stand or driving through the Worli Sealink looking at the city skyline, I fell in love again. You can’t really stay mad at Mumbai for too long. You can be broke, shit ass broke, but definitely not mad at it. Also the people, they are bunch of really nice people.

I will definitely go back Mumbai again, but I have to make sure my bank balance is strong enough to take the hit.

And did I mention, my boss. Total asshole. Absolute asshole. “Pop goes the Weasel” – about him. Yep, he drove me to write psychotic killer stuff.

Also, I went to Goa after my internship ended. It was off-season, but it was still worth it. The sea was powerful, the waves were crushing things and it was majestic. And there is just something about beaches and the sea, it unwinds you and brings out the inner giggling, gullible child in you. We got drunk, we danced, we got really silly and it was fabulous. And there was this shack near the hotel I lived, where they let you stay as long as you want and they had books too for the customers to read. It was one of the best things ever. I think it was called “Cavary”, I forget, but do look it up if any of you are going there in sometime. Nice little place.

And that’s all I got for today.

P.S. I am going to resume the Friday post here on, and for once I have some pre-planned post, so do visit the blog. Because we’re on each other’s team. And it validates my existence.

Photograph Courtesy: Prashantt Rai (top)


2 thoughts on “The Comeback

  1. Ah! Falling in love with Mumbai. Something I can understand all too well. Moved to Delhi thinking no city will ever have the satisfaction of bewitching me. I’ve learnt my lesson, Mumbai is a love that does not waver.

    Ps: The shack in Goa sounds absolutely lovely!

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