The Mumbai Chronicles: First Week

Here we are. Mumbai. The city of dreams. And that’s one item off my travel list. So how I got here?

Let’s rewind a couple of months back to the time when we were on our search for our summer internship and eventually landed one – here in Mumbai! And the journey from Kolkata to Mumbai has been… if I had to wrap in three words or less: Full of Mistakes.

#Mistake 1:
Never, ever leave the decision of shelter in a new city on other folks. Even if they assure you they will take care of it. Keep backups of your own.

#Mistake 2:
Carry enough of cash, and then some more. This one should have been a no brainer but…. shit happens.

#Mistake 3:
Real estate is a bitch. You like something, put the cash on the table and wrap it up. In a big city, there are hoards of new folks coming in by the minute and every one of them need shelter. The 1bhk flat you liked but didn’t give your answer to check out other options will be gone in the next ten minutes. True story.

And that’s how I spend my first day in Mumbai – house hunting. We almost lost a very fine place but save for a last minute miracle. Beginner’s luck. Apart from some really stupid decisions and crappy phuchkas, Mumbai is turning out to be as fine as it had always sounded. The highlights so far:

– It doesn’t get dark before 8 p.m. !!!! 5 p.m. here looks like 3 p.m. back home! This is the best part of Mumbai! The very best part! And night never seems like night, with people running around the street like they don’t have bedtimes. Best. City. Ever.

– Contrary to popular belief, people are happy to help. With direction, at office, while finding a house.

– Malls so huge, I haven’t yet finished checking out an entire floor.

– The sea. The sea at night *enough said*.

Thus, at the end of my first week, my homesickness is wearing out and I am getting used to the rickshaws and the vada pavs. The next week looks weary and tiresome from here but the next day out sure will make the 6-day working all worth it.
So far, so good.

Photograph Courtesy: Chumbak (Top)
                                    Sutanuka Khan (Bottom)


One thought on “The Mumbai Chronicles: First Week

  1. Hi Payel, I like to add one more mistake that most people often forget while travel. To note down close relatives/friends and other important numbers in a piece of paper or in travelogue because you never know when the battery of your smartphone run down (it then becomes “dumb-phone” he…he…) or it can get stolen or it could lose network coverage.


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