To Cal, With love

Dear Kolkata,

You have given me a lot of shit.

You have thrown rude, indecent people at me who don’t give me change or my money back, people who stomp over my heart. You have made me cry and made me angry. You are lethargic, corrupt and in a state of limbo out of which you just don’t seem to get out no matter from whichever direction change promises to blow through.

There are 99 problems with you but then you do one of those things where suddenly in the midst of the worst heat, you cool down with this beautiful breeze blowing through, the sky is lit up with the sun setting and there is a rainbow and you have red, yellow, white flowers strewn over your paved roads. You make me smile all over again. And I remember all that you have given me.

Sure you have thrown a lot of shit over the three years I have been with you – you made me sick, you made me run down the street crying and you always caught me offguard with the showers (seriously, what’s up with that?). But for every shit you threw at me, you gave me means to clean it up or shrug it off and get on with it. You gave me friends I could call up at 3 am knowing they’d pick up on the other end, you gave me a home away from home, you gave me stories and experiences I’ll remember forever. I learnt to laugh at myself and I learnt to open up and I made my own family here. You gave me random kind strangers who’d give up seats in crowded buses and would point me in the right direction when I’d get lost. Gave me the courage to take risks and face failures and defeat. And most importantly, whenever things got crazy or I got crazy you helped me calm down and uncloud the things in my mind. You helped me become calmer. And you helped me find my voice and how not to just keep it to myself. I grew up and you saw over that.

And just as I am ready to settle in, I will have to make a move soon enough. I have a year in my hand with you left. And this isn’t a premature goodbye. No, I still have a good deal of time with you and I plan to make the most of it with you till the eventual parting comes.

It just felt like one those days I had to tell you how I felt about you. Before it was too late, and I had my bags packed.

So, know that I have loved you dearly. Always have, always will.


Photo courtesy: Sohini Kumar


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