The Bengaluru Chapter

So, I have been MIA this past week, because I WAS IN BENGALURU!!! WOOHOOO!!
And now I have a story to tell, so gather around, folks..

It all started one fine January Morning, when our Professor and Centre Coordinator (CC) announced that we have a college trip to make.

The announcement stirred our various imaginations.

I was a little apprehensive in the beginning but gave in when friends pestered and the CC made it a compulsory trip.
But it was all worth it. Bengaluru is beautiful city, the people are extremely warm and really helpful. But one has very little to sight see. The city makes up for it by having a lot of really cool malls, restaurants, pubs and night clubs. So you shop, eat and dance around when in B’lore.
And since there were a lot of malls, it took a toll on my friend Sutanuka….

She is a got a mean case of Shopholism.

And then there was this guy, Chiku

To be clear, this is not a Bengaluru  exclusive reaction. He just really really likes chicken… and mutton… and pork… basically meat.

But all the best moments of the trip took place in the hotel. Going on a trip with a bunch of crazies is well, Awesome!
Also we were drunk.

This my friend Chiku jumping on the bed (drinking makes him super happy). And pestering Surajit. And again to be clear, he is a “shape” zero not “size”.

Drinking also made Sulagna talk with accent, Kovid cry and Sutanuka puke and pass out. And it made me clean puke. That’s me cleaning puke. I saw a lot of unchewed corns, carrots and broccoli that night.

That’s me beating up Kovid. We weren’t drunk when this happened. YOU DON’T MESS WITH THE PAUL.
There is a video of this. Apart from me beating him it also shows him throwing me around the room. Literally.

And I got on my first flight while coming back. And I did not puke! This is a glorious moment because I have motion sickness, so…. Yep, That’s all.
Oh! I almost forgot… the thing which we actually went to Bengaluru for – The industry visit. It was cool. Lots of awesome stuff, we learned stuff and saw things we studied about.
It was fun.

Artwork courtesy: Sumit Paul (My brother)


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