Queen: A Thank You Note

I have a strict policy in my blog: no criticism of movies. Or fashion. Because I have very limited knowledge of either. And whatever knowledge I do have is entirely an audience point of view… a “masses” PoV. But I’d still like to talk about last Friday Bollywood release “Queen”.
And I don’t want to talk about how amazing Kangana Ranaut was, how beautifully she essayed the role of a naive girl from Rajori on her honeymoon alone. Or the credibility of the director who made such a feel good movie without ever stooping down to dumb down the movie for the audience. Or the brilliant supporting cast. Or the cinematography.

No, because, frankly, I don’t really have the required aptitude to go down to it critically. And I respect critics.

I would instead, use this small space to thank this movie.

Watch-the-Official-Trailer-of-Queen-530x295.jpg (530×295)

I would like to thank this movie to finally bringing into light that a woman just doesn’t have one chance at happiness – walking down the aisle or doing the seven rounds around the fire or uttering “qubool hai“. Marriage, settling down isn’t the end all or be all of my kind. A woman can find happiness in travelling just like the other half of the human population. A woman can find happiness in strangers turning into friends. And for being a movie that is a breakthrough, because now a little girl out there may get the lesson that she can find happiness in her ownself instead of the lesson that she needs to be saved. Especially coming from a place i.e, the movie industry, particularly Bollywood, which though has the means to empower and motivate women yet always chooses to objectify and suppress them.

I would like to thank the movie to show to the Indian audience the power of travelling. Alone. In unknown territories. It’s life altering power.

I would like to thank the movie to show that people need not be judged. A woman may like to have sex, drink like a whale and love her love child. A woman in prostitution need not feel like a victim of the system, and may enjoy her work. A man who has lost his everything may not want your pity. And your Grandmother also has a love story. I’d like to thank the movie because it did not succumb to stereotypes.
I would like to thank the movie for showing real, supporting family who do not put “What will society think of us?” before the well-being of their child.
queen-passes-the-crucial-monday-test-day-4-box-office-collections.jpg (620×415)

And lastly I’d like to thank the movie for not giving Rani a drastic “makeover” and showing her leave her fiancee in her way – with respect, dignity and that small “Thank you” that meant so much.
P.S. Also thanks for showing such an awesome Lisa Haydon, especially after her last screen appearance.

P.P.S Have a happy holi, guys. And no ugly pranks.


3 thoughts on “Queen: A Thank You Note

  1. I agree with each and every point! 😀
    After such a long time in movie time, Queen has emerged as a simple, refreshing, feel-good entertainment package.
    It shows that you don’t have to have an awesome, dark theme or incessant forced laughter or typical bollwood drama to make a good movie. An everyday story, something which you can connect with is good enough to win the heart of the public . 🙂

    Sometimes, just being simple is everything. 🙂


  2. Hello Payal,
    though I haven’t watched this movie but I really appreciate and support your views. the bollywood industry has a very strong reach and if they have a movie which tries to strengthen and inspire women, especially when it comes to a subject like being free from social boundaries, it’s really an awesome job.
    Thank you for noticing this and sharing. 🙂


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