Oops! I did it again!

I lost my phone. I lost my fourth phone. I lost my fourth phone in the last four years. It’s a certifiable tradition now. I lost one in 2011, then in 2012, 2013 and now in 2014. And I have no clue how either. One moment it’s there, next moment poof! But if I were to be honest here, I am not even fazed by it. I am surprised I stuck with it for like a year. The way I keep it, dropping it every which way and forgetting about it in shops, library, canteen, labs, classrooms. I mean you’d expect me to know the use of pockets, but nope. But people are generally sweet enough to return it to me. It is a Nokia 100.

So I don’t judge them for not trying to make a sell off it. But the worst part is telling my parents.

“So Mum, I don’t call you ever, but I lost my phone again. Pay for the next one, could ya?”

When I broke the news this time I could feel the wafts of disappointment floating in and this time my mum did the whole “being-irresponsible-is-not-very-adult-like” routine. It was brutal. And I so don’t want to face my brother. He’d be all smug. I hate smug. Smugness is the worst. Don’t you think smugness is the worst?

But tell me, do we really, essentially need phones? Hercules didn’t. Hagar the Horrible didn’t. Gandhi didn’t. My grandma didn’t. And she’s been alive for all this year. See, I have a solid case here. I don’t need one either. I could drop off the face of the earth and no one could ever trace me. They will only have ever heard of me.There will be sightings reported. I could be like an enigma of the mystical. The girl without a phone. Not talking to her besties every minute of the day. Not posting selfies. Is it a coincidence or an enigma of the mystical??
But I need it to wake me up in time. Or wake me up in time to snooze the alarm.

Does anyone remember a time when at the core phones were just a device to talk to people who are miles away? I do. Because I had a Nokia 100.

And contrary to popular belief, it wasn’t black and white.

But they have gone all smart and shit with their apps and stuff. Which people use to crush candies. So, there are tough times ahead. I have to try to save up for something other than clothes. I’ll get by, I am kinda like a super ninja samurai futuristic barbarian. I do need some telekinetic powers, but we can’t all be perfect.


3 thoughts on “Oops! I did it again!

  1. Same pinch girl! I lost my damn wallet! 😦 I think I got pick pocketed on a bus/ dropped it altogether.. And I got wind of the whole thing at a different time, in front of the police station! I tell you.. the mind works in mysterious ways..
    Well.. I went in to file a general diary against the missing wallet & the a-holes there asked me to buy(I was penniless!) some blank paper, write a damn formal letter and submit it to the dumb copper in the front desk. Fucking red tape. I lost my voter ID card, my debit card, around 500 bucks, numerous memorabilia and the worst of all… ALL of my guitar picks.. 😦
    And if it wasn’t enough.. the BC cops gave me a demo about how I was looted..
    Aur ghar lautne par to mummy-papa chaloo ho gaye… 😦 😦


  2. The very same thing happened to a friend of mine and we were on our way to Shyamnagar… he lost his debit card, 1000 bucks and all the id stuff. And we could never figure out what happened to the wallet. But the police station was much better than the one you had to report to, they gave the sheet and did not give any demo. But ya, he never got his stuff back. Which is a shame.


  3. Its none other than the notorious Kasba PS. Dudes there play teen-patti all day round… with the criminals. 😛 Of course your friend never got his stuff back. Shukr hai ki vote ka season hai.. party office mein jaate hi 1 hafte mein ghar aa gaya brand new card.. They were like..”Dada.. sudhu vote mangta..” 😛


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