This post isn’t serious.

Today was a fine day. It was a Friday, but it didn’t feel like a Friday. Yesterday felt like a Friday, but it wasn’t Friday. Everyday has a feel to it – Monday is obviously super stressed with the whole “not wanting to start work week”, and I used to have these weekly tests in school so now I am conditioned to feel super stressed on Mondays and Friday has this feel which equalizes to my feelings about spring breeze, sunshine and half days at school, though I never had half days, is that weird? And today did not feel like Friday. I hope tomorrow does feel like Saturday, which is laziness. That shouldn’t be too difficult. Though I haven’t had a good Saturday for a long time. A good Saturday used to be about paperbacks borrowed from the library and the radio playing the latest pop music and watching anything that I couldn’t watch otherwise because Saturdays were home-alone days. Good times. Which reminds me, I read up on this thing which says that millennials are too drawn upon nostalgia, and going back to their childhood days as a mission in life is lacking. Earlier there used to be other preoccupations like the World War II or the Cold War or the Gulf War and our generation has a lack of purpose. I wouldn’t argue. I spend time watching cat videos.

Although this has absolutely nothing to do with any of the things above, someone tell me, why doesn’t the friend of the chick in the chick flicks ever get a good guy? I like to think of myself as one of those girls – you know, the ones that bring in the comic relief, or doles out advices and says the protagonist to dump the sorry ass of the guy she is dating, is the geek or has crazy hair. She’s smart and funny and weird enough to bring certain freshness to conversations and is almost always sarcastic. I like her, those chicks should get movies based solely on them. There should be a movie on Janis Ian!! From Mean Girls!!! That’d be so rad! Yes, this is my million dollar idea and this is my contribution to society. Pay up!

P.S. This post felt weird. I generally don’t rant about things off the top of my head, but I wanted to write something light hearted that is not about how talent-less and a waste of earth’s resources I consider myself. Yes, this was weird. So, I’d really like you to say something off the top of your head in the comment section below. Okthanksbye.


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