Let me tell you

Something about me,
I wake up wanting to chew 10 heads for breakfast.
People piss me off, with their scrawny little faces and puny little brains.
Don’t you go caring about me, I am not going to return the favors
I care about myself enough for both of us.
I think of myself day and night, week over month and month to years
Except that one year, I got my heart bull dozed over.
Or that other time I fucked up real bad.
Self obsessed, self centered, selfish. With a low self esteem.
I think of myself enough.
Loner, people hating bitch with more friends than I care to count.
Way too practical considering the whimsical fairyland going on in my head.
The voice is my best friend.
My hair my worst enemy.
Am I superficial or do I feel too deep, too much?
Its the paradox of paradoxes.
My brother says, I’ll end up being alone.
My shrink says I better put my guards down if I want anyone in.
But a boy is much too overrated. Care to try a girl?
The night is not going to end, because the morning never starts.
Its going to be a bitchin’ time.
It’ll pass. Just give me the size 4 pumps with a 6 inch heel.

Illustration : Self made.


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