Things we do to keep ’em around

I am bad at a ton of things but one thing I am incredibly good at it is surrounding me with amazing people, who I call friends. I choose good friends. That’s my superpower. So, here’s my expert advice on forging bonds that allows you to call up people at 3 a.m. knowing they are gonna pick it up.

1. Friendship is about vices – “We are all searching for someone whose demons play well with ours.” All the friends that I have had in all these years have been greedy, lusty, proud, arrogant and snobbish – just like me. And we have stuck it through. Because it’s our natural state. Not covering our vices is the key to be absolutely in our own skin, all exposed. And when we don’t worry about all that’s wrong with us, all that’s good in us just flows.

2. Listen. No one in this world can stress this enough. Sometimes you just need to shut up. Listening gives you that whole bonding time where the other person is letting you into their crazy – fucked up world with all their problems and their secrets. Sometimes it may feel like the other person just goes on and on, remember that you are that special person they can blabber on and on to. Unless, they do it with everyone else, then that bitch’s gotta shut her mouth.

3. Never expect anything. Not even if it’s your best buddy whom you have known forever. When things will not go according to your expectations, you will get hurt along with the other person, who will think you are taking them for granted. It’s a lose-lose.

4. When trouble comes knocking, open the door. Let them sit in and talk it out. What’s the point of having friends if you can’t talk about things that are bugging you? Misunderstandings are like those little virus if not taken vaccines for turns into major life crippling threat like, say polio. And talking things are like the vaccine, a little painful but done in seconds.

5. Don’t take yourself too seriously. I have seen enough people fighting because a joke made in good humour hurts their sentiments. Obviously, we should all know our boundaries while making a wise crack, but loosening up is also highly recommended. Also, if you can’t take a joke on yourself, you are not allowed to make one either.

6. And lastly, never be friends with people you don’t like. You are not doing a social service. Don’t like em, don’t meet ’em. Period.


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