To Differences

Whenever it’s December, I panic. Did the year seriously fly by this fast? Nevermind that, it is the end and let’s just brace ourselves for a goodbye. So December huh? Isn’t really ending on a really good note here. I meant to write about it sooner, but end terms were a pressure I wasn’t really taking along my stride that well, but now that I am on it, let’s talk about it, shall we? The passing away of Nelson Mandela.

It shouldn’t matter much to me as how he belonged to a far away land and I doubt most of the people I encounter would know about him or his work. But it does. Maybe because of a small little project our teacher once made us do because we couldn’t guess his name in a game of 20 questions or maybe because racial discrimination rings truer to my ears now that I know better. His life was a struggle for the independence of his people and not just that, his life was a struggle to try to fight the blindness of human beings. Blindness that prevents us from seeing more than what’s skin deep. To actually think that people used to capture other people and give them equivalence to nothing more than captured animals just because they had a higher rate of melanin, it disgusts me. But what disgusts me even more now that we have education and we have science and we know how different climate made for different humans skin pigment to combat the weather, there are people who still discriminate? Seriously tell me what’s the basis of this discrimination even now? And just btw, reverse discrimination doesn’t really help the case either.

RIP Nelson Mandela.

And with this, I wanna go to a deeper issue – Why can’t people accept that other people can be different? We all don’t have to come out of the same mold now do we?

We can have different skin tone – it’s not under my control it’s how I am made. Please focus a little more than just skin deep.
We can have different gods – or for that matter not have one. Isn’t it my belief and doesn’t it serve a purpose for “my” inner peace and sanctity. Why do I have to proclaim or degrade someone else’s faith that brings them clarity?
We can have different ideologies – it stems from what I have seen and what I have experienced. Why should I feel the need to shove it down your throat?
And we can have different sexuality – what is happening behind my closed doors and who am I closing myself in with, why should that matter to the state or the nation or the world? Sex is personal, and it’s supposed to be pleasurable and it’s sacred. Who is allowed to bring me that pleasure is for not anyone else to decide.

And that brings me to the other thing that I want to talk about. The Supreme Court’s decision to criminalize homosexuality brought me personal shame. Here the world is accepting homosexuality and here we are taking two steps back. Here are few things that I want to scream out at the top of my lungs:

– If it were against nature, it wouldn’t exist. Nature is powerful enough to wipe out things that don’t suit her needs.

– The ancient civilizations: African tribes, American tribes, Chinese and Japanese, Greecian, Roman, the list goes on – recognized it, practised it and put it up in their accounts.

– Which homosexual who came out of his closet ever harmed anyone. The more you repress someone’s true identity the more you put them on edge of drastic or erratic behaviour.

– Here’s a debate against homosexuality – a homosexual union doesn’t produce children. So let’s look at the facts here – right now the population of human beings is an approximate 7 billion and the population increases in a geometric exponential, meaning it goes like 1 – 2- 4- 8- 16-….. 2(n-1). So that leaves us with way more people than we have land or food or water or for that matter air for. So if in this scenario, there are people who live happily without procreating or maybe taking care of children neglected in the 3rd world countries, aren’t they the saviour of Earth.

– Homosexuals are not out there trying to convert the heterosexuals, so why the vice-versa doesn’t sound right?

– And here’s to the lawmakers, I think there are issues that are a little bit more serious than whether or not allowing two consenting men or two consenting women to have their happiness like say for examples making stricter laws that takes care of the corruption or environmental issues or the caste system or education in the higher levels or say ummm, WOMAN SAFETY?

Law is supposed to protect, not trouble the people going through hard times. First, the horrible violence against women and no protection for them and now criminalizing things that harms basically no one. Not a good year, folks.


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