Being dead

I hate it when I don’t get ideas. It sucks and it’s annoying. Also, I lack in discipline, so that’s not helpful. And nothing is agitating me enough to give my say on it. So,today I’ll just be random.

Lately, I am in this extremely uninspiring space. And it has been months now I have been complaining about being blocked – not that given a topic I won’t be able to write but this is not an essay class, this my space to talk about things that are in my mind or share ideas that’s forming in my head. Without that happening, there’s a lesser amount of article I am writing,so that affects the blog and the views which makes me sad – attention whore here, no apologies. But this unoriginal feeling is also affecting my college work. The timing could not have been worst,right in the middle of the assignment season of an extremely important semester. Being an artist is such a pain in my moody ass. Sometimes I feel like giving it all up and do a 9 to 5 job that’s routine, lead a life that’s routine. Take no risk and gain nothing either. But ofcourse, I don’t really mean that, it’s just one of those days where I am feeling like I am losing and all I need is someone to whom I can say, “I  AM A USELESS PIECE OF SHIT WHO AMOUNTS TO NOTHING IN THIS WORLD” and all I want is for that person to deny it outright and list out all the good things in me and say that they believe in me. Sigh. I can be so needy. Maybe this actually is a punishment for all those times I had a brilliant idea and was too lazy to jot it down or sketch it out. Dear God, could you not cook me into a soup right now. Thanks.

So, in other news, Sachin Tendulkar retired, and millions soul died a little. I almost wish I followed cricket to feel what everyone else is feeling, but it really is a bummer and a loss but let’s all cheer up and cheer on. And while one God takes a backseat another one is arising – Eminem is back. SLIM SHADY IS BACK!!! More music for me when I want to murder someone but can’t cause it’s illegal so instead I shout my lungs out with Eminem and hyperventilate.

Okthanksbye. I’m out of gibberish.


2 thoughts on “Being dead

  1. This is hilariously similar to my situation !
    It sucks to be in a designing school and not come up with absolutely amazing ideas all the time..I mean, hello! we are supposed to be gifted with the super power of new ideas..and that seems to take a vacation whenever it is needed the most! :X


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