1 !!

And I pulled this for one complete year now! My blog turns one today and that my friend is called perseverence.

But would I have picked myself up to write post weeks after weeks, sometimes I failed, but I came back nonetheless, unless you read? Somewhere out there, there are you guys who actually do read my efforts, and when I started out, I really did not expect anyone to read. And I will thank you, for making me put effort- I easily let go of stuffs, I am glad I did not this time around.

And it really has been great, I did a guest post, got reblogged and you guys have clicked the links 2500+ times now!

This blog has got more feels attached to it than I expected or would acknowledge. It turned out to be a therapy, ego-boost, saw me throught rough times and some of the smoother rides and sometimes I managed to surprise myself.

So, on Silly Opinions first birthday, I’d really, really like to thank you for turning up. And Happy Diwali.


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