Permission denied

Fstoppers-Nick-Brandt-Calcified-Flamingo-710x594.jpg (710×594)

She looked into the mirror, searching herself. All she saw were the gilded corners, sparkling with the pretty gems.

There is a cost for comfort and decadence; she paid it with her freedom. Trapped in the golden cage, she counted her days. A light shone at the end of the tunnel. True love can free her. She read it in all the books, heard it in all the stories –

The girl and the boy meet, souls reunite.

And they ride off to sunset.


She met him.

Fell for him.

10 years passed, she waited for him to look at her.

He did. He opened the cage. Looked at her with all the love in this world. Fables and legends were about to come true. She barely could keep her heart still with all the joy bursting about.

He safely returned her back, tucked her in the bed. His steps ebbed away in the distance.

Leaves changed color.

Her heart had turned into a stone, crack down the middle.

She looked into the mirror. She smiled at the gilded corners with the pretty gems. The heart intact within the golden bars. No one has been able to touch her these past years, the watchman denied permission.

Photograph courtesy : Nick Brandt


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