Vision of the reflection

She roams the city streets –
Stilettos clicking, feet hurting
She roams the web of highways –
Looking for someone, to look at her

Hair wary, eyes distant,
The smile of the party.
The whore of the night.
All that stays are the bleeding red lips,
and a scattering of the bling.

Penniless queen, royalty on high,
Running the world –
Being run by the world,
In their strings she dances
To control the eye balls.

She is there in the corner –
In your control room.
Shedding silent tears,
and laughing her noiseless laugh.
Parasitic delusion.
Reality misplaced by the dream,
She is seeping in

You are in the corner,
crying your helpless tears.

Photograph courtesy : Tina Patni, Diva Models Calender.


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