Gems from the Bengal Shore

This is a long overdue post. I haven’t been doing very well with the health department, also the creative department of the brain is playing beer-pong. I apologize. I will try to be on my regular toes again, won’t promise, but will definitely do my best!

Moving on, our college has this programme where at the end of our 2nd year we visit rural clusters and do a project on it, which in our case is the Shantiniketan-Bolpur cluster.

It sounds cliche everytime people talk about the rural potential of India, but it was an eye-opener. 

Batik – Printing technique 

Artisan : Kanak Bhattacharjee

Kantha – Traditional embroidery of Bengal

Artisan : Artisan group under Subhra Diboris and Sabina Bibi


This turns into…

this which then can become…


or these.

Artisan : Kamal Malakar

Lacquer work

These are melted to coat objects

Artisan : Sheikh Yusuf Ali & his wife Mamata Devi

Photograph courtesy : Sutanuka Khan & Piyali Samanta


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