Unwanted Advice

And it’s a new academic year. Which means a new batch of freshmen!

It’s a gonna be a tough week for them, with vultures hovering, but it’s all good fun, come next year, they will be looking out for the fresh meat. So, this is the best time for me to dole out advice I’d tell “2 years ago” me.

1. Barring the hostility, it’s actually a good idea to interact with the senior. Personal experience, they turn out to be great mentors and friends.

2. The first year will be an extended art and craft class.

3. People will change like the season. But faster, or maybe it’s you changing.

4. The campus does not resemble a fashion school.

5. There are no hot guys. Girls, welcome to your own desperate dream.

6. If you are low on confidence, prepare to go down deeper.

7. You will see a little bit of injustice happening now and then, here and there, shrug it off, and concentrate only on yourself and your work.

8. No one in the history of this college has ever been able to comprehend the marking system. Don’t beat yourself up over it.

9. Unlikely pair happens. Love can be blind.

10. Don’t angry your cc.

11. Explore the city, and all the offering it has for you. And I’m not only talking about the cultural aspect. *wink, wink* *nudge, nudge*

12. And for the girls, whatever happens, do not forget about shopping, because the next day you are only gonna wonder what will you wear !

13. It’s your time to make your mistake, have fun and experience all that you get your hand on.


2 thoughts on “Unwanted Advice

  1. but yes for the straight boys there is going to be a hell lot of options………………………. use it well………….. *wink*


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