It’s all over

And just like that, it’s over. The summer’s gone. The last summer off ever. It’s all internships and jobs and rents and taxes from now on. Life as I knew it to be is over. Though seriously, this is really screwed up, the moment you get it somewhat figured out and start getting comfortable, you are pushed into a new level. And you are unequipped again. It’s a huge cosmic joke. Looking forward is all life about but I need a moment here to look back. Are we the ungrateful ones who don’t appreciate the present till its a memory or is life actually too fast, too short? I just hope growing old will be fun and I do all this crazy things and become the grandma from Madagascar.

or Edna Mode from The Incredibles

or even this will rock to the high heavens!

P.S. It’s a short post because apparently I can’t write in lengths without going through a sucky phase in my life or having an epiphany. But hoping to find my inspiration pit again. Till then do like my facebook page which I recently made if you like what you see.
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Thank you!


2 thoughts on “It’s all over

  1. i really liked this one……. very tru but we still have 2 years of college so atleast we hav the winter nd puja vacations, nd we cn bunk colg somtimes too.. so lets look out for those special days.


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