Let the constant be Home

And it’s summer again. As in summer, time when school’s out! Bliss! Though I was supposed to be logging it out in an internship but alas! Tough luck there so instead I am back in my home. Which means there’s food, proper food, in my stomach. My eyes are alert and the dark sack under it is diminishing and I am happily lazing around all over the place. There is something to be said about the true sweetness of home. There are things that had always been there but you just don’t notice its worth till you have been absent for some time now. But then again there are things that are just too vivid in your mind, which would have done well, if it were tweaked a bit. Like, Mums. And their nagging. All day long. Nagging all day long for the pettiest thing. I guess that is true unconditional love that just fails to change. I love you too, Mum so I’ll just give you more reason to express your love. Kidding, I’ll clean the mess.

And then there’s your hometown. Which just never changes. This only applies to small-towners, though. The roads leading to your friend’s house is the same. The shop across the street hasn’t changed either. And neither has your school, the bus depot, the railway station, the many bazaar. Or the travel fare. Amazing! It really keeps you grounded though, this constant. You can always fall back on it, you can always trust it to be that one rock steady pillar in your life that whenever required will remind you of who you are and where you came from and what you want to be, what you need to be.

So I am back, happily so, for an entire month till I go back, which I know will go by in a jiffy. And I have tons of movies to watch, books to read, writing to do, hair to grow and hopefully get by with some work too and not to forget meet everyone of my extended family – grand pa, grand mas, aunts, uncles, cousins, a whole bunch of them. Catch up with friends from school and few teachers too. And go on as many walks I can possibly go to. I love walking. If only the sweltering heat would cut me some slack. And as always I have more on my plate than I bargained for. But a plate full is always a better bargain. Hoping to have a good, relaxed summer ahead of me and hope that you do too. Enjoy your days off.

Photograph courtesy : Taylor Jones


6 thoughts on “Let the constant be Home

  1. I love that photo! I’m jealous that you get to spend a month at home…there is something so amazing about heading back to where you grew up. You can almost feel the responsibilities sliding off your shoulders, the weight of the world is so much lighter when you are at home. Having nothing to do sounds like bliss.


    1. I too fell in love with the photo once I saw it, I really must start giving out photo courtesy otherwise it’s just a crime. Anyway, don’t be too jealous though. But ya, coming back home sure is the best thing ever.


  2. Hi Payel great to see your writing
    I am a NIFT senior of yours currently in Germany but originallz from Chinsurah
    Keep up the good work


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