The girl who…

Once upon a time, there lived a girl who neither was a princess nor a pauper. She wasn’t a saint or a devil. But there was one special thing about her – she had never been constant. She would be viciously sulking one moment and caringly pensive the next. People around her could never decide whether they were charmed by her or frustrated.

But one fine day, she fell in love and the pendulum stopped. But you wouldn’t have wanted the pendulum to stop where it did, because the days henceforth were filled with clouds of tears. In the darkness of the grave pit of love that she accidentally stepped into, she drove her entire world out of her life to make space for the fallen boy, who himself was a poor troubled soul pining over some far off paradise. He could never give back the love our girl desired or deserved, but our girl still shedded all those tears years after years.

Until she realized she couldn’t… shouldn’t… wouldn’t. Not anymore. However, when she finally peeped out of the pit, she realized the world somehow had slipped from her fingers and people had moved on to a future era. But she struggled. Sweated a little, bled a little and on she went with her wagon. On her way she met a prince, a princess and a warrior. The pendulum of our girl had activated itself from its dormancy and swung in the opposite direction. And the new troupe soon developed a liking for her and took her under their wing, she lived happily ever after.

Well, until dawn set to dusk. Our girl could never be constant, and once the pendulum started it did go back and forth between the good and the bad. Friction arose, but you couldn’t just dismiss the camaraderie among the quartet. Sunshine, rain, changing season they stayed together. But not so soon enough the Evil Queen, because there is always an evil queen, happened to glance over our poor little girl. Now, our girl minds her own business always, but is a duly naive maiden with not a care for the world. The Queen did not like this, no sir, she did not like it one bit and smelled something rotten about the affair. It probably was her own sweat and oil, but whose to tell that to Her Royal Highness. She had decided to make her living as tough as she could till she had her crown, and made her jump flaming ropes and dodge sharp knives. And finally drove her out of the little town.

So off our girl went out of town and no one ever knew what happened to the poor little soul. She never turned back to look at the fallen boy, the prince, the princess, the warrior or the Evil Queen and never did anyone step out of town to search for her.

But since I am writing the story, I know what happened to her.

She discovered new things and did new stuff and met new people who accepted her with her crazy ass pendulum and she stopped expecting a fairy tale out of her life. She got her head out of her ass, hence, she lived (normal amount of) happily ever after.

Illustration : Arthur Rackham’s The Goose Girl


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