2 years

1. Even if an entire month is given for a project, it will be started and completed only the day before the deadline. Or hours. Come what may.
2. An ego is developed to combat criticism. Modesty developed to combat the ego.
3. There are ups and downs. Solved by french fries on the step and cups of coffee (hot or cold, depending on the weather forecast).
4. Being informed is the only way to set yourself apart.
5. There are mistakes which you avoid but there are mistakes that you know are mistakes but those mistakes must be committed to get the lesson better otherwise the mistake not committed itself becomes a bigger mistake. That’s a greater risk.
6. Take on only what you are capable of. Don’t do the crime if can’t do the time. Don’t chew what you can’t swallow. Don’t swallow what you will vomit. Ya, I can go on with it.
7. Hidden talent are of no use to ain’t nobody.
8. Keep the pantry and the hard disk well stocked.
9. Get over with the things you hate quickly. The time taken to do it will be directly proportional to the pain caused by it.
10. Happiness and sadness is equally divided in one’s life. If you are happy one semester, thing will be screwed and you will be sad the next semester. Ditto with life.
11. “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong” – Murphy’s Law. So just fuck that shit and do your thang!


One thought on “2 years

  1. `Totally agree with the 8th point. Very very important those two are πŸ˜›
    And..not only are the assignments started just one day before the deadline..the deadline itself is shifted back furthur..either by THEIR consent or by our own popular consent! πŸ˜€


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