How to Increase Your Self -esteem : Result of real life experimentation.

 1. Pester your friends. Sulk infront of them. If they stick through it, they will get you through it as well.

2. Do not listen to Taylor Swift. She is evil. She will remind you that neither are you famous nor rich, also no one loves you. Choose Eminem. Always

3. Get a job, you lazy ass. You are sitting on it way too idly and letting the devil take the centre stage in that theatre upstairs. Where he is tango-ing. It seriously is all in your head.

4. Tutor a kid. Look at him, helplessly trying to figure out alphabets. Congratulate yourself on knowing shit like Calculus & Organic Chemistry.

5. Make out. Ignoring the fact that this is the advice I would give in any situation, it works here. But do not in your most dumbest of decisions over analyze whatever happened. Never.

6. Recognise the people that are bringing you down. Slaughter them in the most merciless manner you can think of. In your head.

7. Clear the head. Spit it out. Write. Shout. Paint. Sing. Dance. Take it out of your system.

8. Go shopping. Prettify yourself. Look hot. Then enjoy the stares and the compliments.

9. Eat pork. And chicken. And maybe some strawberries with chocolate. And ice-cream. And candies.

10. Keep a wad of note in your pocket. Money destroys the root of all evils.

11. Go demolish a book. And for people who don’t read books, you deserve to have a low self-esteem.


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