The Rainbow Comes out of your Ass!

The difference between being lonely and alone is what you feel about yourself. Not think. Thinking becomes a little too logical, calculative; feeling has a more natural, airy edge to it. When alone, you let yourself all out, to hell with embarrassment, and that does not go away when you stop being alone and people envelope you all around. All those hours of reading by the window or playing the popstar with the radio on loud teaches you more about being at ease with yourself than all the self-help books or lecture in this unhappy world can ever do.
But maybe down the road, with all the noises around you and people hiding behind lighted up screen watching your move, judging your move, it gets tougher to be alone. It’s nice to be among others, it’s so nice to get someone else’s approval that you start collecting them. But not everybody is generous with their approval, and then you stop approving yourself till an outsider does. You suddenly find yourself crossing that thin line dividing alone and the lonely zone.
Loneliness is a dark and sad kingdom. It doesn’t have the warmth of being alone on your own. It’s colder with doubts and second thoughts. It gets worse during a period of transition, especially when you are coming of age. Change is hard to settle into. But settle you have to. The storm may have taken you out of your city, but find the scarecrow, the lion and the tin man and head to the Wizard’s. And when maybe on the way you fall a little, you cry a little, you bruise a little. Throw a tantrum, shout your head off, write angry things then stop and see the douchebag you have become. Yes, it’s time again to put on the radio and pick up the book. Douchebags are not loved. So shut your piehole, because no one’s gonna tell you that the rainbow comes out of your ass even if it does.


3 thoughts on “The Rainbow Comes out of your Ass!

  1. No this one is the best so far. To put it simply, I could relate to it. You know, when we are alone, all by ourselves, we kind of get to discover the real us. Hard to put in words, we all have felt it some point of time. I believe part of this is because we get ample time to think about ourselves, which we are unable to do in the midst of regular banter we get involved in the company of our friends. I guess all of this contributes to our coming of age as a human being. If I could put all of this in a single song, it would be Under The Bridge by the Chili Peppers. Hope you have heard it. 🙂


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