And this one to NIFT

The week after exams – always bliss! Not so much with the constant update about the marks, my institute is going bananas, they themselves teach that aesthetics depends on person to person and their sense and taste and in that same breathe they are also judging each of our creativity based on one person’s taste. A little bit too hypocritical for me. And speaking of NIFT going bananas, the authorities have suddenly decided on an approx of 13000 INR hike on the already wasn’t-it-supposed-to-be-a-govt-insti fee. Yeah right, we all have a mine in our backyards; it’s just a matter of a shovel and digging in. Riiiiight! Oh! And the hike doesn’t really end there, apparently, every year we will have a 10% hike! What joy! Umm, NIFT, do you even want students to continue here?

The reason given behind the atrocious fee hike which will keep multiplying over the years, in the words of our Director General Mr. Prem Kumar Gera, “In past few years, the cost has gone up in all aspects, including petrol, oil, electricity, railway fares, DA for staff, etc. We are also in the process of expansion, which will need adequate investment. We have received capital grants from the government for all NIFT assets. However, the Cabinet had approved block grants for the institute only till 2011-12.”

Yes Sir, the costs have gone up. If you are facing it, surely tens of thousands of students and their financial backers are having the same problem, so where do you think the money will come from in such a sour economy? And have you even considered the fate of those who are on loan? And I seriously do not get the brilliance behind the idea of having 101 NIFT centers in all the 28 states and 7 union territories. I thought the exclusivity is more sought after and exclusivity meant excellence. Also, another reason that has been cited for the hike is that the Ministry of Textiles has stopped funding the institute, so that void is now supposed to be filled by the pockets of the student, ofcourse.

The hike is obviously atrocious and inhumane but there could have been a consolation had there been facilities to boast of. I mean the labs are not even open for the student past 7:00 p.m. without the permission of a faculty. I mean, first you give us butt load of assignment which we pay from our pockets and a deadline that is well, laughable sometimes, and the supposed facilities that are to be provided also have a curfew hour? This I am talking about my centre, I really hope the other centers are more helpful to the student than this. But anyhow, the protests are all on and I really hope we get the attention of the people on the top of the ladder; they have a little problem with the hearing business. Till then “PURI MAAT KARO INKI MAANGE”.


7 thoughts on “And this one to NIFT

  1. Exactly!
    It was already too high of a fee for an NATIONAL institute! People prefer going to national institutes because they are subsidised and cheaper and high on excellence compared to private ones.
    And what I dont get is how can hike in the price of Railway Fare possibly result in OUR fees getting higher! No college excursion is done on train ( as if their are any :|)..n even if they do take us on excursions , it is we who pay for our tickets!

    and we didnt ask for more centres! the allure of college is that we get to go somewhere else than our hometown to study! we get freedom, independence etc !
    why punish us? we wont even benefit from the new centres..its just increasing our competition and making NIFT just like any other Engineering colleges !


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