Where art thou, Drama?


I have seriously taken up writing ever since I started this blog. That is if you do not count writing up 10 – 15 pages of diary writing. But it did prove out to be a training ground. But anyway, ever since the conception of the blog, I can’t remember a time I had to think so much for a blog post. And as I recently read, a writer’s block is nothing but the lack of saying anything important. And that is because I am hibernating in my native land. Quite literally. Woke up at 4:00 p.m. today, also to mention slept at 4:00 a.m. All because I had a sudden flash of an idea about writing a post about how jealous I was of my former roommate and that was because I was in a really dark place and shit. Sorry, Ayushi Panwar, you know I love you but if a girl is not jealous of you, your existence is insulted. You are so beautiful. But moving onto my unhealthy sleep cycle and overall sluggishness, I am happy, there cannot be any other explanation.

I am finally at peace with where I am right now. Not that I don’t aspire for greatness, I still do. But everything is in a happy sort of mess. A great Friends support system has been created, creatively I’m in a kick and with assignments trying to compete with height of the Himalayas now I possibly cannot be in a rut either. Everything is buzzing like a well-oiled machine! Yay Yay!

But you need chaos for spice. In all this buzz there is no drama of a good shriek of horror. It is almost disappointing. Like this year’s Grammy’s. I mean is anyone else disappointed with such a controversy free Grammy? Other than that lil Taylor Swift call out to her latest break up, it was all so clean. Not even an outrageous outfit. So what does a girl talk about now? Life is officially pointless this week. Wishing upon a little unrest so that revelation of the higher truth can happen and hence,the meaning of life deduced.


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