Yes, girl!

They say your college years are your most carefree, most fun years you will ever have. I believed that to the core, and stepped in with starry eyes. And nothing happened. And I blame myself. All this years of convent preaching and watching Cartoon Network (trust me, nothing preaches the kids more about right and wrong than some good ol’ Cartoon Cartoons) righteousness has sucked into my core, which has been preventing me from letting go since 2009. And you know what weekends staying home watching Gossip Girl till you are bored to death do to you? Make you a boring person. The sort of boring person who makes the cabbage-looking cat lady snooze.

And all this happens because of that all action stopping word, “NO”. My mum would just remind me about telling me so, but then she might faint hearing about the real agenda. But that’s the plan, to do things I will be thoroughly ashamed of. Cinderella would never have gotten her Prince and hence, change the course of her life had she said no to going to the ball. Dennis wouldn’t be the menance if he just stayed home stuck to the tv. Any story that is worth telling or worth listening to would never happen if the character said “No” all the time constantly.

I wanna wake up knowing last night was a complete disaster. Do stuff I would need twice to think about, and not think about it even once. Make the leap. Let go. Say “YES” to everything and anything. Make new stories of my own and laughing over all the insanity years later. Isn’t that what you do in college? Make memories that will last a lifetime.

 Over cautiousness did not make an adventurer. That’s what I had always dreamt things would be like. A friend once said I am too detached from the real world, always seeking back to the imaginary land I created and hiding behind pages of fiction, living other’s lives and their adventures. And that got me believing that things will just happen, plans will drop from heaven and hit my head. So there you go, never mix up the need to do the right thing with tendency to go overboard on the imaginary front. That cocktail will not get you high, instead you will be left feeling nothing actually, nothing at all.

Now where is that devil of a friend who basically will drown the voice of Miss Goody Two-Shoes when you need them? Desperately in need for the push to the road that must not be taken.


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