A night to remember (?)

ImageToday I finally take the advantage of being 18. I step into a club. And this is how the night enrolls.

21:30– Reached the venue with both of my roomies and waited for friends of my roomie to catch up. Oooh, cute guy!

21:32– Hey cute Assamese guy, speak a language I know!

21:55– Entered the lobby. Oooh! Pretty!

21:57– Entered the washroom. Oooh! I look pretty!

22:02– Entered the club. Expecting the guy to ask for my age proof.

22:03– He stamps me without my age proof! And They asked for that when I went to watch ‘Heroine’!

22:05– Hey! Its not crowded. Let’s chill for a while. Oooh!! bean bags!! *PLOP*

22:30-We hit the dance floor.


23:00– I take a break from all the dancing to the sucky music, and check out the scene.

23:03– OMG!!! There are middle-aged men all around me. Where are all the cute guys?? And I kinda have a huge doubt about few pretty ladies’s profession! And ooh! a cute middle age couple, if only their beer bellies didn’t separate them from each other.

23:10– Time to get back to the floor. And off with shoes. When on the floor, I find out the ostrich’s way is the best way, if you can’t see them , they can’t see you. So closed my eye and danced like no one’s watching.

23:16– I have moves!


23:44– Alright, people around me are sucking each other’s face. It’s all cool. Keep dancing to Honey Singh. And staring is rude.

23:52– Finally, people on the dance floor. But why do groups insists on dancing in a circle, arms around each others hip? Oooh!! The smoke again!!!

00:13– The other not cute guy is making out with a random chick. That was fast.

00:26– Back to the lounge through the throngs of people making out. Now I see the bed in the lounge in a totally different light.

00:30– Chilling, I ponder over various issues like why does the dj suck? Why can’t people talk in a language I can understand? If the guys I like, don’t look at me and the guys who like me and I don’t look at them, will that mean I will be 80 yrs old and still single with lots of cats?

01:15– Time to leave. And the dj decides to play my favorite song, right this moment.

01:17– Washroom again. I still look hot!!!

01:21– Back in the lounge. I still look hot. My pictures don’t.

01:33– We call it a night and the cab delivers us back. Safe and sound and a little hungry.


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