Short Tale

Image  In my experience, nothing riles up people better than a drastic “what-the-fuck-happened-to-your-hair” hairdo. Suddenly, everybody is looking at you and has an opinion. Good, bad, ugly, they think it and say it. I have more times than I can remember had my share of ugliest haircuts, most of them in middle school and few in high school as well – hair cut so short it spikes up right at the top, horrible and unflattering bangs, hair cut at weird angle where if it lies down straight is all fine, but my hair insists on curling up. And even if I do get a real cool hair like the last Feb, the humidity just ruins it within two weeks. Bobs are just so high maintenance. But I went ahead again last December and chopped the whole of it off. Although for reference I took Rihanna with me, but I think I have come off more like the new Anne Hathaway which I am so not complaining about. I love it. And I love the fact that everybody has noticed it and kindly shared their views on it. Most thankfully were compliments. Some were pretty surprised. Some liked the older one better. Some hated it outright. Some thought I look like a little boy now. Some found resemblance with Justin Beiber. Some asked me to hook up with a girl.

But tell you what, chopping off the hair is liberating. Maintenance and management of the hair is at an all time low. Its so much more carefree. Focus is now more on my face and I don’t have to hide behind locks of hair. And I am so rocking it. And apparently ” A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life”. Thanks Coco Chanel.

Seriously, all the cool girls wear their hair short.


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