A Lesson in History

       If you have been reading my blog for the last two days you can clearly see that I am outraged as hell about the state of women in my country and overall in the world and how the legislation of our country is slacking seriously about making up laws that actually ensure that sex offenders will be convicted and punished. But another thing that is totally beating up my brain to pulp is the fact that my fellow country-men and i really don’t know the number of this, but fellow country-women need to be taught a lesson or maybe they should just sit out a class of History of Design and Fashion that I had this semester. Then thankfully they will stop linking the attire we take on now with “our” culture.
First off, I would just like to point out that India like very few other countries has an amazing amalgamation of a number of cultural influences that has gotten us to where we are now, so much so that it is hard to point out who are the real Indians. There were the Aryans, Turks, Mongolians, Maurayans, Sungas, Kushans, Guptas, Satavahanas, Mughals setting up camps and I don’t know, bunch of others, ask a History student they will fill you in who have majorly influenced our clothing. So up until the Mughals, it never was about modesty in Indian women’s wardrobe and it was like the whole country was boob town but you know, better. Sample these:

Image       But with various religious influences and other foreign influences did the concept of modesty creep in. And mind you, only in the upper classes. And the concept of covering up our body was actually brought upon us by.. WAIT FOR IT… The Britishers. YES!! The Western Society. Remember Queen Victoria’s garb…


So, with Britih influencing us to cover up our fab bodies, women started to dress like this..


And since then our clothing haven’t stopped evolving, and neither will it ever. But never has it ever been a reason for a women getting raped. Because it can never be a reason. So please, do not blame the “westernizing” of Indian women, we are just trying to keep up with the fast globalizing world, because we have to but boys and men can be taught NOT to rape. So STOP RAPING, PERVERTED FREAKS OF EARTH.


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