Cry for help : Freedom for Women

The rape case in Delhi which my last post was about has again started discussion about how women can “keep” themselves “safe” and yet again it is at the expense of our freedom. Don’t go out late at night. Don’t wear clothes you want to wear. Don’t do anything that would make men rape you. Don’t try breaking the leases put upon you by the society. If not, you WILL be raped. It is so funny in a very dark ironical way where the offenders actually are not held responsible for their act, not by the society, the police or the government and instead the very person whose body was violated is held responsible for the gruesome happening. And the worst scenario, it is not just happening in my city, or country but the whole wide world.
Rape victims all across the world are being blamed for calling it upon them. The Slut Walk happening prove that we still need to protest, demonstrate just to get the right to wear whatever the hell we want and not be raped. But the little boys still aren’t told that if you get an erection the “gentlemanly” thing to do is keep it in your pants. No, instead little girls, are taught how to be proper “ladies”. And you know it is the rock bottom, when women chief ministers, themselves participate in victim blaming. Not on one occasion, and not by only one of them. Now where do you go when women in power do not look out for women suffering.
The more I keep thinking about it, the more frustrated I feel. And it’s not like I can leave Earth, if there was that alternative there wouldn’t be many women hanging out here anymore. But will a serious solution ever be reached upon?
Kavita Krishnan, Secretary of the All India Progressive Women’s Association (AIPWA) here in this video gives out the truth about how women will actually be safe. And spoiler alert, the answer does not lie in giving up our freedom.


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