Cry for help : Safety of Women


       The recent horrific rape case in Delhi has again left me wondering are men just monsters underneath? And 2012 has seen such atrocities on women being discussed on national TV than any other I have ever known. There was the Park Street rape case in Kolkata, the Guwahati mob molestation case and now this. These acts are of course beyond horrifying, but how do some men keep mustering enough guts to do such acts? How dirty and repulsing is their psyche? And at the end who do we blame? Thank God at least this time around no party is bent on victim shaming which was done in both the cases mentioned above.
From all that I have read and seen in this few days, the mob has gotten into a mob behaviour and is hungry for the blood of the rapists. But is capital punishment really the best possible way to punish them. Even if the higher authority does go through with this process and makes capital punishment the standard method for rape punishing, it all the more increases the future chances of rapists killing off their victim which has been pointed out by many women groups in India. And to me, death row is far more easier punishment, think about the victim, she has to go through her entire life with a scarred mind, and of this particular case, she has gone through such extreme pain that death in few seconds seems like a blessing for her rapists. I personally am for a far more horrifying punishment for them. But then again I am a sadist. But chemical castration to me seems like an acceptable alternative to all the barbaric punishment that is in my mind, and could be used as standard punishment for raping, molesting, et al. In this process, anti-androgen drugs are used to reduce sex-drive, compulsive sexual fantasies and capacity for sexual arousal and is used in the U.S., Europe, Israel, Australia, Argentina, New Zealand, South Korea and Russia.

And not just enforcing of a proper punishment can ensure safety of women. Right now there are so many rape cases that are still in courts. If men do not have the fear that they will be tried and condemned by the Courts of the country of course they will not think twice before raping. Our constitution does not even consider molestation as something offensible to women. Proper laws regarding women safety and handling of such cases, fast-tracking of any rape case that is ever reported, training polices to be sensitive to a rape victim, enforcing more women into the force is required. And if nothing else can be done, maybe making something like Rape-Axe available in the country will help prevent some women to go through this. And most of all, victim-blaming must be stopped, that itself stops so many women in this country to go out in the open and fight for their justice. If we blame the victims for their own rape, there isn’t much hope for women.

     Do go through this article which points out some level headed plan-of-action for women safety and support it.


2 thoughts on “Cry for help : Safety of Women

  1. Exactly.
    And another thing that i have noticed is that whenever such horrific crimes happen, people get agitated , activists demand for so called “justice” and then it all calms down and people get one with their life till another such event happens.
    why not take precautions from before! why not teach women some self-defense acts? why not teach them how to use small, everyday items like deo and hair clips etc which are with most of us all the time as weapons?
    wouldn’t that be better than shouting “we want justice” After such things happen?
    And punishment? death-in-an-instant? that’s like just giving a small scratch to a person who has just stuck a knife into someone repeatedly! such people should be given such a punishment which will make them realize what a heinous crime they have committed over and over again.


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