18 things 1.5 yrs of college taught me.


1. Make friends. Then unfriend friends. Then maybe you get friends for life.
2. Open up your mind. Walk the broader path. 
3. Reevaluate your judgement about people. Maybe the shady guy is actually funny and talented.
4. Don’t take yourself so seriously. Loosen up.
5. Know your critics. Not everyone has a golden opinion and insight.
6. Venture out alone. Sometimes everybody’s busy and you just have to watch the new movie. No company is better than bad company.
7. Experiment. First a little, then a lot. And suddenly, you’re maturing.
8. Cry. Nothing makes someone stronger than eyes filled with salty water and nose filled with snot.
9. Train rides home are the best journeys ever.
10. Empty and hungry stomach equals depressed and cranky me. 
11. Ignorant opinions are sad. 
12. Argue about your culture and city. No one else will.
13. Use the advice you give out. The toughest thing to do and sometimes the best thing to do.
14. Library is where the mind is. Take your mind there too.
15. Save. Splurge. Repeat. Be perpetually broke.
16. Just do it. Planning is overrated.
17. A wallet is an essential.
18.Its the little things that count.


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