Complex Cam Divide

End term exams always reminds me how fast the time goes by. The reminders are there everywhere, specially when your assignment pile is not bent on reducing and its 4:30 a.m. on your clock. I don’t know whether everyone feels this around this time or not, but I always feel

that I am not good enough. A little inferiority complex. It has been popping up now or then for about a year now. In school I was never in the rat race, you know that average girl who gets by, I knew I wouldn’t really be able to attend a normal graduate course so its was more like roaming around aimlessly trying to search my passion. Which I did. Yay me! -_-

ImageAnd right now I am craving for a camera. For the blog ofcourse. I wanna put up my outfit pictures. Bad hair pictures. My pretty shoes. And a thousand other little things. But mainly my outfits and my work. Work for the exposure bit because many illustrators that I look upto advise to share your work and let the world know and outfits, well, because. So, need a camera. ASAP. And a blog doesn’t look as good if there aren’t pretty pictures to look at cause lets face it, we are more receptive of sight than any other stimuli.

ImageAnd one of the bigger news of this week: Bal Thackeray’s death. Good riddance. I never got the point of his segregation of the society. But then I actually do not get this sort of categorisation of people on the basis of the planet, continent, country, state, city, town, area they live in. Isn’t this simply by chance, so how can you discriminate on a fact like that. And this despise of a stereotypical image of a cultural group. It’s stereotypical for crying out loud, isn’t it? How hard is it to not form an opinion based on caricature and then breed this dislike and be receptive of a change in opinion. I have come across people who give facts that are, well, anything but fact and ending a sentence with ” I hate :name of the city:, I hate :people typically inhabiting that city:” We humans ponder over silly things a lot, at the end of the day no one farts rainbow, so no community is too special and equality shouldn’t be an utopian concept.


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