My Basket Of Inspiration

The “Blogs I Follow” widget on my blog is utterly useless because it only shows the blogs I follow on WordPress which is basically zero. So I will be listing out the blogs that I love to go through everyday of my morose life and which actually inspired me to start blogging in the first place.

  • Delightfully Tacky: The blog features the life and time of Elizabeth, an Alaskan girl living in Tacoma.Though not a fashion blogger, I love her quirky style and her pictures are always beautiful with the most beautiful settings ever. And her writing is exactly what I like best, spur of the moment thoughts.

[ Visit Delightfully Tacky at]

  • Thought Catalog: This is the only blog I follow through WordPress. Which I discovered JUST NOW! Anywho! It is an amalgamation of articles written by various people at different point of day. So whenever you log on to it, chances are you will find something new to read, which is the best thing that has happened me because the obvious, I love reading. It has everything from humor to serious discussion to pansy, sad stuff. You name it. And their About page is one of the best I have read so far. They truly are supporting the future journalism.

[ Visit Thought Catalog at]

  • Stuff No One Told Me: The guy draws cartoons and comics his day to day life. Can IT get more awesome and cute???

[ Visit Stuff No One Told Me at]

  • Random Thoughts of a Demented Mind: I discovered this blog after reading the book May I Hebb Your Attention, Pliss by the blogger, Arnab Ray. And in his randomness, he is unabashedly sarcastic, self-deprecating and pretty political with amazing knowledge of C grade Bollywood flicks. And I am always game for some observational humor. Isn’t that the best? .

[ Visit Random Thoughts of a Demented Mind at]

  • College Fashion: Just for my daily dose of style info. And they just don’t cover the ramp fashion, they derive fun ideas from books, shows, songs, characters, individuals, basically anything that intrigues them. And their Hautelinks every Friday is how I keep myself updated on lots of things and it has become my window to the internet world.

[ I will not share this link. Go find them yourself.]

P.S. This article really got me thinking whether Facebook is really sexist and I have also come across really offensive  pages on women which I have duly reported but they haven’t seem to be taken down. and while you are there, do visit, especially go through their albums.


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