Of Fast Times and Slow Food

ImageLately I have been feeling all adult-ish!!! After the maid quit on us, I and my PG mates had been left too hunt down our on food… and though really tiring at times, going to a shady hotel and ordering my food and paying for it by myself using my daddy’s money sure makes me feel I got wings. And to step it up a little, I went down to the market to day and bought veggies and pulses and fruits and bread and noodles and stuff!!! AND made my own breakfast and lunch!! Let it be recorded that today I feel I am a grown-up! Now on a note that drowns my excitement, I have a heap of assignment, which is growing day-by-day. Procrastination will be the death of me. Whenever I get a new assignment, I think how will I proceed and mentally manage my time. But then I log onto the internet. Fullstop. I HATE YOU, THE ADVANCEMENT OF TECHNOLOGY. Connects me to people and updates me and shit, I really could do without it. It seems being addicted to drugs is easier than being addicted to the internet.


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