Degradation of Culture

ImageIndia as a country has an astounding number of problems to deal with. What with corruption, poverty, health and sanitation, shortage of water, violence against women. I agree that the Government of India has a lot to deal with. Isn’t that the reason of building so many factions in it. There are 47 ministries in our constituency each having a different affair to look at. One of them being the Ministry of Culture with Chandresh Kumari being the current Minister of Culture. It is highly unlikely that she would ever come across my post, but stranger things have happened.

Coming to the point that I want to talk about today is the complete lack of the Government to look after the rich culture that we have inherited from our ancestors. My professor at my college had recently been to Mysore and had visited the Mysore Palace which houses the work of the great Indian painter, Raja Ravi Varma and other great work of art from various period of history. And she described how terrible the condition was with paintings being exposed to sunlight, harsh light which directly falls on the painting, mildew and fungus. Being a youth of India what fascinates me mostly and what I take pride is in my country’s history, culture and tradition because frankly the present doesn’t give much to be proud of except few individuals. We do not boast of jaw dropping architectural or engineering marvel (although, India produces the most number of engineers. Ironic). And its not only me, India is famous as a tourist spot among foreigners because of the amazing cultural hub that we present and the rich past we haven’t buried yet. So, we are losing more than just a piece of art when we let our buildings and paintings rot. We are losing our identity and pride. And its really embarrassing when having as huge a resource and one which is as spectacular and fascinating with back story so rich and scandalous as we do and still not being able to compete with the Louvre in Paris or the MET in New York.

And what’s more sad is that we have a force of moral police in our country which works against the degradation of the Indian culture by protesting against all the wrong things. I do not know what is their definition of culture, but to me its my language, architecture, textile, art, festival, texts, ideology such as worshiping nature and preserving for future and maintaining sustainability. Shouldn’t we be giving a penny worth thought to all these instead of what women are wearing in our country or whether we are losing our decency due to influence of the western culture. Eye opener: Homosexuality, Sex, The Rock n Roll Life, Open Relationship, Hedonistic Life, Nudity has always been there in “our” culture. Just flip through the Epics, Scriptures and visit your nearby Museum. RAISE YOUR MIND AND SAVE THE “REAL” INDIAN CULTURE.


One thought on “Degradation of Culture

  1. It’s really very Sad how our Precious heritages like paintings and monuments are being destroyed… ๐Ÿ˜ฆ really pathetic… :/
    btw… I always Loved Raja Ravi Varma’s work… The Man who dared to paint the Gods… ๐Ÿ˜‰


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