The Calcutta Chromosome

A good book is one which the moment you open, you are transported into a different world. It envelopes you in its mystery. You start feeling for the characters more than the people around you. It grabs you by your neck and keeps you put.

The Calcutta Chromosome is a book in that bracket. It takes you to this insane journey and leaves you wanting for more. The plot deals with a medical thriller, a Victorian ghost story and a scientific quest all rolled into one presenting a heady mix.  Ofcourse, all hail to the amazing writer behind the amazing book, Amitav Ghosh. What I love most is his narrative style. He jumps from past to present and different point of views to hem this story without ever getting lost on the readers. It almost always linear. The characters are memorable with ofcourse the focus being on L. Murugan who stealthily wins your respect. And when you reach the end, you are bound to be like”DUDE! WHAT THE HELL JUST HAPPENED!!!” I personally felt like tearing off my hair. Some may say that keeping the reader wanting for more is a mark of great writers. Maybe. But I personally would really have liked my answers. It still bugs me. Nevertheless, one of the best reading experiences I have had and I cannot wait till I get another of Ghosh’s book in my hand.

So, If you ever get a chance to lay your hand on it: DO NOT LET IT GO. You would be missing out on some insane shit.


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