A new first

Being lone gun on a Sunday sucks. Knew coming back three days before college reopens is bad idea specially with all my friends being MIA. So spending the whole day zombie-ing infront off my laptop hoping someone would show up, but then what do you talk about when your life is on pause? So, I roamed around my block… went on the swing.. discovered the prettiest staircase ever.. checked out the local flower shop.. had an apple.. saw a cute guy.. and walked a little more before coming back.

All that walking got me thinking that since I started this blog.. which is like 2 days back??!! I can’t write. I mean I can’t seem to write as effortlessly I generally do. It could be because I’m too aware of the fact that these posts have a real audience unlike my diary. But being a shameless exhibitionist was my forte! But this feeling of being apprehensive about my work is kinda exciting in retrospect. Its a new. And as Barney Stinson would say, “New is ALWAYS better!”


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