Aftermath of a movie night


Hold hands under the table when hanging out with friends.

Drink coffee in small little cafes and kiss.

Go to graveyard and make out.

Sit on the hoods of broken down cars at the middle of the night and look up at the sky. And kiss.

Get drunk and be silly.

Warmth in silence.

Dinner. Rain. Walk. Kiss.

Bike ride to nowhere.

My place. His tee. Our silly song.

Cuddle up in the couch in your undies and eat the leftover pizza.

Watch bad movies in theater and not watch the movie.

Fight. And know that it won’t break things up.

Play “Hey,there Delilah” on the guitar for her. And sing it too.

So that’s just a list of un-materialistic things I want in life.

Just finished watching “The Notebook” and seems like it has had a rather wistful effect on me or was that just Ryan Gosling? I knew he was H-O-T from “Crazy, Stupid, Love”, but, oh! he’s so thoughtful and dreamy and passionate and fire-in-my-loins gorgeous! Now that’s what a lady wants from the Santa.



4 thoughts on “Aftermath of a movie night

  1. your wishlist.. have experienced most of them already. 😛 i smell of something burning! 😛
    all of them are good, but this one has to be the best till date. :)And yes, Mr. Gosling is HOT!! 😉


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