Back to School


Returning back from home to Kolkata after a break always breaks my heart a lil… not because of some love hate connection out here, neither do I resent coming back nor am I overtly home-sick right now. But sitting like a bum in front of the television, not worrying bout the food, getting up late in the afternoon makes me look forward for the holiday season!!! Ah! the bliss of boredom! Funny thing, have you ever noticed how much you complain about being bored but when you have something to do you’d rather go back to doing nothing and cribbing about it. But now since the festivities have come to.. umm, a halt?… it’s time to get back to work. Or let’s just watch that last episode of How I met Your Mother!!!

Photo courtesy: Soumyodip Halder.. thanks again 🙂


2 thoughts on “Back to School

  1. this is lyk.. so us!! 😛 i could totly picture myslf in it… only fr my stuped writing skills of making u guys do all my speeches and writing wrk!! neway nyc to knw ur “opinions” hah!! atleat um that which myt be published!! 😉 😉


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